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派小星 2020-07-27


  1. Reading chunks of Shapiro’s verse in one sitting, it must be said, exposes the _____ nature of his writing: scads of poems are too glancing to strike a nerve, scarcely worth a second reading.

  A. jejune

  B. esoteric

  C. corrosive

  D. finicky

  E. Indiscreet



  填空对应:glancing, scarcely worth a second reading

  词汇:jejune 枯燥

  Esoteric 深奥的

  Corrosive 腐蚀的

  Finicky 挑剔的

  Indiscreet 轻率的

  2. The painter’s problem, like that of an author whose early literary masterpiece exhausts the themes it embodies, is how to _____ his first highly acclaimed efforts with works of comparable significance and presence.

  A. combine

  B. illuminate

  C. realize

  D. amend

  E. Follow



  填空对应:early ...exhausts


  词汇:combine 组合

  Illuminate 阐明

  Realize 实现

  Amend 修改

  Follow 跟随

  3. Harper’s draw, while (i)_____ in the United States for years, has remained (ii)_____ in London, where the public greets virtually every work with unabashed enthusiasm.

  A. in eclipse D. controversial

  B. unrivaled E. unsurpassed

  C. unchanged F. unexceptional



  填空对应:greets virtually... with unabashed enthusiasm

  词汇:in eclipse 黯然失色

  Unrivaled 无敌的

  Unchanged 不变的

  Controversial 有争议的

  Unsurpassed 卓越的

  Unexceptional 普通的

  4. Even if the merits of the proposal are (i)_____, faculty members may be reluctant to (ii)_____, given their fear of offending the group that champions it.

  A. unparalleled D. demur

  B. dubious E. approve

  C. obvious F. acquiesce


  逻辑关系提示词:even if,取反;given,取同

  填空对应:fear of offending - reluctant to blank ii - blank i;

  词汇:unparalleled 无比的

  Dubious 可疑的

  Obvious 明显的

  Demur 反对

  Approve 批准

  Acquiesce 默许

  5. Until now, old snapshots and home movies faded and crumbled and were eventually (i)_____. Only a few precious mementos were preserved and passed along. But as photography moves into the digital realm, family albums and home videos see capable of (ii)_____: our capacity to store them is, for all practical purposes, approaching the infinite. Is such a transformation a good thing? The natural world teaches us that (iii)_____ are vital to ecological health. Does a similar principle apply to communal memory?

  A. archived D. transmission G. death and decay

  B. discarded E. immortality H. predator and prey

  C. reproduced F. revolution I. reproduction and renewal



  填空对应:crumble - blank i; infinite - blank ii; blank i -blank iii;

  词汇:archive 归档

  Discard 丢弃

  Reproduce 复制

  Transmission 传递

  Immortality 不朽

  Revolution 革命

  Death and decay 死亡和衰退

  Predator and prey 捕食者和被捕食者

  Reproduction and renewal 繁殖和更新

  6. In medieval Europe, watermills were more (i)_____ than windmills. It is true that windmills could be built virtually anywhere, whereas watermills (ii)_____. However, watermills’ greater capacity and reliability provided a better (iii)_____ the money required to build the mill.

  A. problematic D. were suitable only for certain locations G. source of

  B. profitable E. inspired a variety of new technologies H. adjunct to

  C. versatile F. required a good deal of upkeep I. return on



  填空对应:built anywhere - blank ii; greater capacity and reliability - blank iii&blank i;

  词汇:problematic 问题的

  Profitable 有利可图的

  Versatile 多功能的

  Were suitable only for certain locations 只适合某些地点

  Inspired a variety of new technology 激发新技术

  Require a good deal of upkeep 要求大量维护

  Source of 来源

  Adjunct to 附属

  Return on 回报

  7. Despite the general _____ of Roman archaeological studies toward the major cities and their monuments, archaeology has contributed much to a better understanding of rural developments in Roman territory.

  A. openness

  B. indifference

  C. hostility

  D. animus

  E. bias

  F. Orientation




  词汇:openness 开放

  Indifference 冷漠

  Hostility - animus 敌意

  Bias - orientation 偏见

  8. Our mass media are much more fascinated by bad ideas or the failure of good ones than by successes: we drown in bad news—tales of how things went wrong--but we have only the most_____ discussion on how they might go right.

  A. incisive

  B. tantalizing

  C. trenchant

  D. cursory

  E. illusory

  F. Perfunctory



  填空对应:drown in

  词汇:incisive 深刻的

  Tantalize 逗弄

  Trenchant 尖刻的

  Cursory - perfunctory 粗略的

  Illusory 错觉的

  9. A few decades ago the idea of animal morality would have been met with _____; however, recent research suggests that animals not only act altruistically but also have the capacity for

  empathy, forgiveness, trust, and reciprocity.

  A. derision

  B. resentment

  C. dismissal

  D. conviction

  E. ridicule

  F. Certainty



  填空对应:not only act altruistically but also...empathy...

  词汇:derision - ridicule 嘲笑

  Resentment 怨恨


  Conviction 定罪

  Certainty 确定

  10. At first, most of the famous fairy tales seem so implausible and so irrelevant to contemporary life that their _____ is hard to understand.

  A. universality

  B. persistence

  C. appeal

  D. ephemerality

  E. survival

  F. Transience



  填空对应:implausible, irrelevant

  词汇:universality 广泛

  Persistence - survival 留存

  Appeal 吸引

  Ephemerality - transience短暂


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