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题型介绍:GRE考试有三个组成部分:verbal(语文) 简称 V;quantitative(数学) 简称Q;article writing(写作) 简称AW。



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  • 随便起个名字吧 1787题 59%正确率
  • 我必330参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -逻辑10套-5149】 Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the conclusion of the argument above?

  • rainbow哇参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1086】 How many times between 1971 and 1991 did the price of a Brand X candy bar increase while the weight decreased?

  • 我必330参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -CHP36套-270】 According to the passage, which of the following is a direct perceptual consequence of interstellar dust EXCEPT?

  • Jrong_参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7867】 For the ancient Egyptians, inequality in human society was not _____ nature, in other words, existing differences—between rich and poor, strong and weak—were not viewed as a necessary part of the natural order of things.

  • 万芷翎参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -Princeton-8111】 Although most medical, preventative ointments commonly in use would have (i)_____an infection, the particular one Helen applied to her sores actually, much to her dismay, (ii)_____her (iii)_____.

  • 万芷翎参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -Princeton-8109】 The (i)_____with which a statement is conveyed is frequently more important to the listener in determining the intended meaning than the actual words (ii)_____. For example, a compliment, when delivered sarcastically, will be perceived by the receiver as fairly insulting.

  • 429429nk参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-8671】 Media stories about climate regularly use spokespeople from interest groups as sources, but what those individuals say is often (i)_____, citing results from scientific research in a highly (ii)_____ manner and (iii)_____ the caveats that are part of a full scientific assessment.

  • 247098uxs参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -经典真题260篇-6238】 17.According to the passage, which of the following is true about the African American Revolutionary War participants who settled in Canada after the American Revolution?

  • 247098uxs参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -经典真题260篇-6233】 17.The primary purpose of this passage is to

  • 546009mvwh参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -Kaplan-3057】 In the five states listed, approximately what percent of the electoral votes in 1992 were received by Clinton?



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