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题型介绍:GRE考试有三个组成部分:verbal(语文) 简称 V;quantitative(数学) 简称Q;article writing(写作) 简称AW。



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  • 448331rqvf参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -经典真题260篇-8772】 The author of the passage mentions the “inner solar system” in the course of

  • Kevin999参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7542】 Since the field of quantum mechanics is often considered to be (i)_____, it was surprising to find it attracts so much (ii)_____ interest.

  • 836464gfqaj参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -1999-4379】 Which of the following, if true, could account for the discrepancy described in the paragraph above?

  • 不懂就问参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7988】 Sometimes the criteria that are used to categorize nation-states are purely factual: for example, the denotation of a states as a coastal states or an inland state. But most state labels have a predominantly (i)_____ character. Labels such as failed state or democratic state tend to be accepted only by those who (ii)_____ the assumptions that (iii)_____ such a marker.

  • 不懂就问参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7969】 Some historians represent the East India Company as _____ participant in political and military conflict in India, only taking an interest in territorial power and revenue as a last-ditch effort to protect its trading activities.

  • 不懂就问参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7956】 The Golden Gates Bridge has been quite (i)_____ by most aesthetic and functional criteria. However, as a structure it has had some limitations. Shortly after it opened, its roadway proved to be (ii)_____ under certain wind conditions, so it was stiffened. The additional steel that provided that stiffening naturally added weight to the structure, and this made it (iii)_____ later to add a proposed rail system beneath the roadway.

  • 不懂就问参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7954】 In a sharp blow to his reputation as (i)_____ leader, the evidence that the mayor has recently been involved in malfeasance seems to be (ii)_____.

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -精选真题-8455】 The passage is primarily concerned with discussing the

  • 787470l参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-8628】 In the search for truth, the knowledge gained by scientists consists of approximations with varying degrees of certainty. Such (i)_____ truth can be highly (ii)_____, as the rapid and relatively steady progress of medical knowledge well exemplifies.

  • 235659md参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-6898】 Since the deficit predicament is fundamentally a long-term problem, the legislature’s _____ short- term approaches has actually compounded the difficulty in each succeeding year, eroding the state credit rating in the process.



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