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题型介绍:GRE考试有三个组成部分:verbal(语文) 简称 V;quantitative(数学) 简称Q;article writing(写作) 简称AW。



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  • 小张要考330哇参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-8628】 In the search for truth, the knowledge gained by scientists consists of approximations with varying degrees of certainty. Such (i)_____ truth can be highly (ii)_____, as the rapid and relatively steady progress of medical knowledge well exemplifies.

  • 235659md参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-6898】 Since the deficit predicament is fundamentally a long-term problem, the legislature’s _____ short- term approaches has actually compounded the difficulty in each succeeding year, eroding the state credit rating in the process.

  • 375162ttbq参与了此题讨论:

    【阅读&逻辑 -经典真题260篇-6035】 Which of the following is information supplied in the passage that would support the statement that the food supplies necessary to sustain vent communities must be many times that of ordinary fallout? I. Large vent faunas move from vent to vent in search of food. II. Vent faunas are not able to consume food produced by photosynthesis. III. Vents are more densely populated than are other deep-sea areas.

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1289】 If revenues of $196,000 from division A of Company X represent 28 percent of the total revenues of Company X for the year,what were the total revenues of Company X for the year?

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1268】 If the population of State I had increased by the same amount each year from 1980 to 1988.approximately what would the population of State I have been in 1988?

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1364】 Approximately how many gallons of gasoline would car X use if it were driven for 2 hours at a constant speed of 45 miles per hour ?

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1355】 For which of the countries was the difference between its savings rate and its real GNP growth rate least?

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-215】 There are 275 students in the field of engineering at University X. Approximately what is the ratio of the number of students in engineering to the number of faculty in engineering?

  • Kiko1参与了此题讨论:

    【数学 -OG-1256】 If the total value of long-playing albums in 1985 was $1,280 million,then the average(arithmetic mean) selling price of a long-playing album that year was closest to

  • panyt参与了此题讨论:

    【填空 -真题1250题-7545】 Although the company still loses the occasional lawsuit, the litigation threat that once seemed so _____ has become quite manageable.



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